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Learn how to discreetly straighten your teeth

A straight, bright smile is what many patients dream of. However, with minor crowding or gaps, confidence in your smile can diminish. At our Rittman dental practice, Dr. Wade A. Karhan provides Minor-Tooth-Movement® Clear Aligners for patients who are looking for an effective treatment for misaligned teeth. 

What are MTM® Clear Aligners?

Made from patented technology, MTM® Clear Aligners are a streamlined treatment for minor orthodontic issues. Created to be virtually undetectable, these custom clear aligners allow patients the opportunity to straighten their smile without the use of uncomfortable, noticeable metal brackets and wires. A series of clear aligners are provided to each patient to improve the appearance of their smiles. As a removable orthodontic appliance, MTM® Clear Aligners allow patients to carry on with daily functions, eat their favorite foods, and still obtain a straighter smile in 3-6 months. 

Treating Minor Orthodontic Issues

MTM® Clear Aligners improve appearance by correcting minor issues that are similarly treated with traditional orthodontics. These issues include:

- Midline discrepancies – patients with an improper bite 
- Crowded teeth that tip inward or outward
- Teeth that are overlapped 
- Rotated teeth
- Gapped teeth

Patients who have experienced a relapse after previous orthodontic treatment, or have noticed small imperfections in their smile and never had the opportunity to receive orthodontic treatment are ideal patients for MTM® Clear Aligners. 

MTM® Clear Aligner Treatment in Rittman 

Dr. Wade A. Karhan has completed continued professional education to provide clear aligner treatment to his patients. The service begins with an in-depth consultation about your oral health and how MTM® Clear Aligners can address any of your orthodontic issues. We take impressions and photos of your smile using our intra oral cameras and digital X-rays to get a better idea of your oral health and current dental alignment. Once these are complete, our certified MTM® Clear Aligner dentist will design your treatment plan and determine how long you must wear the aligners to achieve the desired result. You receive your custom trays one at a time, every three weeks. 

Our dentist recommends that patients wear their clear aligners at all times aside from when brushing teeth or eating and drinking. This ensures that you get the maximum amount of treatment time, keeping you on schedule and to achieve a straighter smile. 

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Dr. Wade A. Karhan and the rest of his team at our Rittman dental practice offer a convenient solution to straighten your smile discreetly. For more information about MTM® Clear Aligners, contact our dental practice to schedule an appointment today.